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Frequently asked questions 
What is Heritage language?
Heritage language is a class in which students learn the navajo language, customs and culture.  It takes place 30 minutes a day and everyone has the opportunity to take it if they would like.
How do I sign up for the class?
An opt in form is provided in the student handbook or you can inquire in the office to opt into the program.  All Native Americans who are designated ESL are automatically put into the class.
Do I have to take the class?
No,  If you are an English Language Learner and Native American then you do have to fill out an opt out form.  If others do not opt into the program they will not be participating in the program.
What will my child be doing while their classmate go to heritage language?
All students not opting into the Heritage Language program will be  participating in alternative learning activities which will include Social/cultural studies, Health,  Character education, writing, and reading instruction.