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PBIS Rewards

PBIS Rewards
PBIS Rewards is a new system we have for keeping track of behaviors and communicating with parents on how their child is behaving during the school day.   PBIS  stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and supports.  This provides a systematic way to prevent behavior problems and intervene in a positive manor when behaviors are exhibited.
The following are aspects of the program we will be utilizing this school year:
PBIS Rewards Student - Apps on Google Play
  • Students will be earning points by displaying behaviors that align with our School Wide expectations of being Respectful, Responsible and safe. Points can redeemed at the classroom level and at the school level through the school store.  We will also hold monthly raffles with student points for a cool colt activity that students will be able to participate in.  
Check-In/Check-Out PBIS Best Practices | PBIS Rewards
Check in/ Check out is a system to help students remove some obstacles that are getting in the way of their learning.  Examples of these could be inattention, not completing work, distracting others, and other behavioral issues.  These students are assigned a coach that they will check in with each day and discuss how they are going to have a successful day!  The classroom teachers then keep track of how they do with goals they have set for behavioral improvement.  At the end of the day the student then checks out with their coach and they discuss what went well and how they could have done better.  This information is then available to parents through the parent app each day.  There should not be punitive actions attached to this system.  It is designed to create discussion around improvement and should be very positive.
Advanced Referral System | Add-on for PBIS Rewards
All behavioral incidents, both minor and major, will be recorded in this system.  Major referrals are those that are sent to the office.  Minor referrals are those taken care of in the classroom by the teacher.  This information can be accessed by parents through the parent app.   

A free PBIS Parent App with PBIS Rewards.
The Parent app can be downloaded for free in the app store.  This will allow behavioral information to be at your fingertips in real time.  We are excited at the capability this will offer in communicating with parents! You will have access to the points they have earned, any minor or major referrals,and Check in check out information.